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ContiPremiumContact™ 2

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Figure 1
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Figure 2

Shorter braking distances for luxury and medium-sized cars: The ContiPremiumContactTM 2

The ContiPremiumContactTM 2 has a totally new type of 3-D groove. Its innovative tread technology optimises braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces. Thanks to the new 3-D grooves, water is dispersed more efficiently - providing excellent protection against aquaplaning. 3-D grooves also give the whole tyre suberb stability. That's why the new ContiPremiumContact 2TM is less prone to distortion, which vastly improoves your car's manoeuvrability.

Speed index T/H/V/W/Y
Rim diameter in inches 14 - 18
Tyre width 175 - 235
Series 65 - 45

Figure 1: The innovative 3-D-Groove:

The distinctive feature of the new ContiPremiumContactTM 2 is its unique 3D tread grooves, which optimise braking performance on both wet and dry roads and achieve optimum protection against aquaplaning.

Shallow side for better braking on dry roads, steep side for better braking on wet roads:

The shallow side of the 3D groove gives greater tread block stability and improved road contact, which results in shorter braking distances on dry roads. Even when placed under great strain the tread blocks do not bend away and so the tyre retains maximum contact with the road. This more even contact pressure ensures maximum transmission of power to the dry road.

The steep side of the 3D groove makes the edge of the tread block extremely angular. This enables it to cut through the water on the road, much like a windscreen wiper. The direct contact between the tyre and road means exceptionally short braking distances, even in the wet.

Special shape of the 3D grooves for better resistance to aquaplaning:

The special shape of the 3D grooves (shallow and steep sides) means that as the water flows through, a swirl effect is created. The water is thus dispersed more rapidly and the risk of aquaplaning reduced.

The harmonious round shape of the ground contact patch also increases resistance to aquaplaning.

Figure 2: Improved handling thanks to asymmetrical tread pattern:

The compact outer shoulder and the reduced number of tread blocks ensure optimum road contact and excellent cornering stability. The double block structure of the inner ribs ensures high circumferential tread stiffness, which results in  improved driving stability and braking performance. The open inner shoulder with its continuous lateral grooves and an increased number of tread blocks reduces rolling noise and disperses water efficiently, giving a comfortable ride and excellent protection against aquaplaning.


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  • Innovative 3-D grooves
  • Outstanding braking performance in both wet and dry conditions
  • Excellent resistence to aquaplaning
  • Precise handling and unbeatable driving stability


Test Results:

Overall verdict "Recommended"

ADACmotorwelt 03/2008


Overall verdict " Good " (3rd place)

Stiftung Warentest 03/2008


Overall verdict: "Recommended" (2nd place)

auto motor und sport 07/2008

(German car magazine)